Angela Ahrendts would be one of the many women I would love to meet, not because she is the CEO of Burberry, but because I admire her and thinks she’s amazing.  I started following her today on Twitter- I had originally created an account for Beyoumakeupshop to simply market products and follow other YouTube gurus but I totally forgot you can follow people you admire.  This leads me to think most of the “social” campaigns I’ve started for Beyoumakeupshop have not given much valuable content to my followers/readers/subscribers to help them stick around. VALUABLE and QUALITY content are the bread and butter to enhance  a new and upcoming brand in the social media space- do you think so? Almost everyone and everything have some or if not all of the social media plugins, but the question is how to increase the customer engagement with those tools?  Let me do a little bit of research and implementations before I can get back to you on that one….

Because of Angela Ahrendts, I’ve just followed 20+ Twitter accounts because she followed them and I believe their content will give me a lot of value.

  • @Interbrand
  • @ClintonFoundation
  • @Jack_Welch
  • @Carlye Adler
  • @Sheryl Sandberg
  • @JohnCMaxwell
  • Marcel Lebrun @lebrun
  • @bryanebzery
  • @ForbesWoman
  • @Michael Dell
  • @Sarah Manley
  • @MarcBeinoff
  • @Salesforce
  • @Dreamforce
  • Evan Williams @ev
  • @Fastcolead
  • @FastCompany
  • @CharlieRoseShow
  • @zappos
  • @HarvardBiz
  • @ChrisTed
  • @Wired
  • @Time
  • @VanityFair
  • @Fortune Magazine

If I do not like the content of what these accounts, I can simply “unfollow,”no harm done.

Who/what do you follow on Twitter? How can companies increase their interactions with you via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc…?


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