Before I head off to bed, I like to tell you about a new mini “side” project I’ll be working on with my mother. I believe my mother is a very good cook, she cooks extremely delicious Vietnamese food, very clean, and she tries to stay away from fattening food as much as possible, but has to put up with my nephew and I wanting to eat fried/stir fried food at times. The problem is that my mom is a very good cook, but I’m not. I can cook a couple meals here and there- very simple meals.  Did I mention whenever I cook anything, I always like to integrate different flavors, spices, or ingredients together. In the end, the food is very interesting-but very edible still! I like to find different combinations to see what will taste good with what – hoping I’ll discover a whopping delicious meal that no one knows!

How did I convince my 72 years old mother on this project? By being honest about what I would like for it to be, which is, a present for my future children. I recently lost my father 2 years ago and throughout my entire life, I always had both of my them by my side. I couldn’t imagine living without either of them, until finally, I realized, I had to. I can’t imagine my mother, who has been with my father ( since they were both 18) for  54 years, is still as strong and amazing as she is today. She fights and rises above everything she had to endured to be at this point in her life.  I’m not sure when she will join my father in heaven, I’m not a kid anymore, I understand how life works. I hope that by cooking these Vietnamese meals with my mother, we will create wonderful memories together and my children and future grandkids will be able to see how utterly amazing and persistent my mom is. There is no one like her and I mean that literally. My mom, like every other chef, wants the people who eat her food to feel happy and healthy – and I hope that by doing this project, college kids in their apartments (like I was a couple of years ago) can cook dishes their moms make at home, or a newcomer like myself who doesn’t know much about cooking can learn, and for my mom to share her talent with the world.

Before I thought of this idea, I made a video a week or 2 ago on how to incorporate more vegetables into our diet. It’s simple, fast, and it’s just like a burrito- but the point is to help us eat more veggies.  What do you think? It’s a great idea to go!




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