I was looking at the rows of colorful Easter Egg candies for my baby nephew and on the other side were these cute Hallmark cards. I was planning on getting one for a special friend of mine – one of those wonderful people who always do little nice things for you, even if you never asked.  How come there were so many cards dedicated to love and birthdays- yet not so much for friendship?

Seeing those lovey dovey cards, reading the words so beautifully written …reminded me that I didn’t have anyone to give them to. The men we love or come to love in our lives will be amazing and no cards have to be given if our actions show how important they are to us. (They are cute though!)

In the mean time, you focus on you and what’s important to you first.

You chase our dreams and do things that give you energy and excitement and he chases his dreams and conquers his world- and one day, both of you will meet and chase amazing dreams together! (Along with the kids!)

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