Sometimes I wish I was more outspoken and not take negativity to heart as much, but I’m working on it. I don’t think I’ve ever been as negative or down about myself until recently, from applying to a job to socializing with old friends.

“You believe in everyone else, you should first start with yourself” was what I wrote in my notebook within a list of 6 six things I should read to myself everyday.

Not only on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, this blog, and recently Pinterest- but also in real life, in social and professional space- my resolution is to ADD VALUE. I am going to try my best to learn ways to add value to the people I meet and to the spaces which I take part in so I can feel more confident about what I’m putting forth to the table.

Even last night, I wanted to request my Facebook friends to become fans of Beyoumakeupshop’s FB page but then I felt guilty. Even on my list of 75 fans right now, 90% of them are my friends and people I’ve met, not to mention some of them are male friends (I was surprised when I found out they liked the page bu that’s what friends are for). To be honest, actually transparent, not even, because if you go to the page itself, you can see that there’s not a lot of interactions and that’s mainly my fault. If you want to project what is important to you, you have to put forth your best effort ( I didn’t).

What topics about beauty is important to you? What would you like to know more of? Are there any products you’re excited to try?

I’m not the richest person nor am I more knowledgeable than you (but I can research) but the next time I ask someone to take a look at my website, blog, or become a fan of my Facebook page, hopefully I don’t feel too guilty because I know  I can deliver something of VALUE to them. 

P.S…Believe in myself. *cross fingers* 


4 thoughts on “How to attract…

  1. Hi Hang! I think you blog is excellent and I’m really proud of all the work you’ve put into this! And to answer your question, I think flawless skin is the most important quality but unfortunately my skin is far from flawless. I have scars from acne and I am always looking for products/treatments to fade them and make my skin more even tone. If you could do some research on that it would be great! I always try to look for good concealers and make up to but I’m excited for the day when I can go make up free and feel good. 🙂

    • Thoa, you are on my list of beyond awesomeness people whom I love to surround myself with. Thanks so much for coming to my blog and being a part of it Thoa! I’m going to ask you to be my guest blogger!!

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