The body part/parts I dislike the most about myself are my calves. I dislike them so much because they’re so much bigger than a lot of guys’ and because of them, I’ve never really wore skirts after middle school,  with the exception of 1 jean skirt in college. What is the body part/parts you dislike most about yourself?

But you know what- what the hey- I can’t change them and they’re apart of me. I’ve seen plenty of women and girls who don’t have skinny calves – yet they still look gorgeous! I’m going to celebrate them now…

Top: Vintage (coral/pinkish/orangish hues are so in this spring!)

Skirt: Vintage

Are you guys into vintage clothings??


2 thoughts on “Small Pockets Vintage Print Skirts

  1. I love this Hang! I definitely agree about coral pink being in this spring. The shirt has such a beautiful color. Maybe next time you can try rolling up the sleeves. It seems like such a small thing but it helps balance the outfit a lot!

    And you look great in that outfit! Show off those calves! I think a high pair of heels (or wedges, or boots which are more comfortable) can fix any body defects (^^)v

  2. Thank you Thoa! It is, I have a light orange/pink skirt…and I should do orange/coral makeup…i’ll be a basket of the same color. I’ll definitely do that next time Thoa! Thank youuu, just gotta not stand next to some guys with chicken legs. Thoa, I’m going to message you later to do a guest post on my blog since your fashion sense is cutetastic!

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