I’ve linked some images from my pinterest account because I’d thought you may like them- it’s quite relaxing actually, even if I can’t be there physically. Can’t you feel the breeze against the open air?

Even though it’s summer, (almost?) it’s May! I’ve been inside the house with my laptop most of the time, I’d love for there to be some tree houses here in the Bay! I’d love for there to be tree house restaurants, where we can sit and enjoy the stars and the fresh summer breeze with our mothers for mother’s day. It’ll be so romantic and beautiful- while listening to soft piano music strokes or sound of the rain- I love the idea!

Out of the 3 places above, where would you love to be at this weekend? Can you guess mine?


One thought on “Wouldn’t you love to be here? Tree house restaurants?

  1. Those tree house restaurants sound so awesome! I like the 2nd one – it feels cozy but still in the open air.

    And I’m guessing for you, the last one cuz it’s purple? I dono why but I just feel you like the color purple.

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