How do you usually wear your hair? I’d love to see some photos from you guys! If you like, you can tweet them to me @ Beyoumakeupshop
My hair is a bit short right now, barely reaching shoulder length. I cut my hair 7 months ago  and it only grew a couple of inches!Not to mention it’s always frizzy – therefore I try to put it up as much as I can to avoid having the hair touch my neck.  I just twist the sides and pin them down with pins and clip the back into a semi bun.

The picture below is my beautiful friend and I at one of our college friend’s wedding.

Here are some hair style trends you can try out this Spring, via heartbait


8 thoughts on “learn your mane- 7 hot hair trends to try this Spring

  1. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about cutting my hair shorter, already have ideas of how short I want it to be. The last photo shown above is almost perfect. Of course I would probably have it dyed black or a darker brown, but I love that cut!

    • ooOh, I had went to your blog yesterday but did not see a picture of you so I’m not sure how you look like. I see, I love the last picture too, my hair was really short 7 months ago and I love it, but you should totally cut it short if you like. Hair can always grow out and short hair cuts are so edgy and fun and sophisticated

  2. Currently my hair is about shoulder length and crazy curly!
    It truly has a mind of it’s own.
    For years I would blow-dry it straight and no one knew I had curly hair until I was running late for work one day and didn’t have time to dry it!
    It’s been waist length and super short and everything in between.

    • I can tell your hair i really curly! WOW! My hair is semi wavy but I don’t like it- I wish it was more straight (but then again, we want what we don’t have).
      O wow, all that years and no one knew? you must be so good at blowdrying your hair! Do you have any tips for me??

      • I practically grew up in a salon. My mum was a hair dresser. You just need a good cut and a light dose of styling gel on your hair before you start drying it. And I always started with my head upside down, running my fingers through my hair to pull the curl out. Plus you have to totally dry it. If you leave any moisture in, it will begin to curl as it air dries.
        Let me know how you go!

      • I see, thank you so much! I look forward to trying it out, I have a round boar bristle brush but it was so big- it’s hard to use!

      • A round brush is good but you need to be able to use it well, so using a smaller one is okay, just work straight until you get to the ends. 🙂
        Have fun!

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