Do you feel that summer is almost over? My friend from Southern California told me it was really hot down there! For the Silicon Valley, I think the weather has been pretty nice, not too hot, but a bit chilly on some days. What are some of your favorite summer outfits? I’d love to see them!

I’ve been really into “fashion” recently and here are some photos from the J.Crew Fall 2012 collection you may love!  Can you smell the chocolate and leaves falling from the trees already?! I am going to make sure I run to a pumpkin patch this year!

From each collage, which outfit is your favorite?

(1st collage):   1st outfit with the beautiful long skirt and orange top, but I’m not sure if the coat would be too much for me

(2nd collage):  I am loving the first outfit as well with the bold prints from top to bottom

(3rd collage):  (This collage is my favorite, I can see myself wearing all of them!) I think the yellow top and skirt along with the stripes long sleeve are too adorable!

(4th collage:)   I am digging the green skirt and fall sweater!

You can check the rest of the photos out from The Blush Lookbook


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